Hesitant endeavors

A battle, a struggle

Contention, rebuttal

Always caught between decisions

My sight loses its precision

Life’s a blur now, vision begins to fail

Anchored by reluctance, I wish to set sail

But to my avail

Life is not a fairy tale

Big dreams reduced to rubble

This feeling of failure, always so subtle.


I’m blessed today with a bright, morning sun

It shines radiantly, what have I done

To deserve this great day in life

Loving this day, can I have it twice?

The joyful sound of chirping birds

The sight of the rich, luscious grass

Don’t want this twice, I want thirds

Everything’s beautiful, gotta make it last

Clouds are breathing, trees are dancing

Everything wonderful is happening

So lucky to have the luxury of today

Nothing can possibly take this smile away

I wish days like these were available for purchase

Just gotta wait for them. Until then, all I can say is:

Sunshine, sunshine, it’s fine

I feel it in my skin, warmin’ up my mind

Sometimes you gotta give in to win

I love the days when it shines

Whoa, let it shine.

Apples & ginger ale

Wake up to the rising hours of the morning

The fatigued yawning is more than what it seems

Weak and feeble joints stretching and mourning

Cries resulting from unfinished dreams

Step outside to a brisk summer wind

Clouds sending zephyrs on an errand

Morning nicotine fix is fixed with a cigarette

Unbeknownst to the imminent and inevitable regret

Inspect the kitchen for something to put on a plate

Making sure the food hasn’t reached its expiration date

Every article of nutriment is decrepit and stale

Just settle with an apple and some ginger ale

The effort that is put into biting an apple

How easy it is to eat after the skin is broken

Acidic juices flowing, the supply is ample

Pieces of skin in between teeth as a token

As the ale descends the throat at a steady rate

A crisp, gaseous burst is sent up as after taste

Discharge of chemicals are spread throughout the chest cavity

Closing the mouth to keep it from spreading, advocating scarcity

This meal is not nutritional, not much of a sensible diet

Deficiency of sustenance, I’ll have to fight it

Cigarettes and malnutrition, all this just to see the morning sun

No one understands. When I see it, I’ll know my day is done.

A man and the sea

Amidst a dark sea of nothingness

He floats. Nothing less, nothing more

He does not try to swim to safety

For there are no islands within sight

He does not try to find any

He floats. Nothing less, nothing more

Just as he decides to drown

A sun rises over the gray horizon

It shines brightly and illuminates the sea

Currents full of verve and movement

Patches of clouds full of breath

The water surrounding him warms as the sun

Radiates its energy, refueling every particle

But his body continues to sink

Just as his lungs are about to burst

Just as his consciousness is about to leave him

She reaches into the abyss

And pulls him out of the darkness

Her brightness. Her warmth

Is what brought him back to life

He is swimming. Nothing less, everything more.


A calm, gentle night

Occupies the skies over us

But why are you so heated?

Why do we have to fight

When we can enjoy each other

You love me, you hate me

We argue, we’re distant

I wish you’d look me in the eyes

And tell me how you feel

But reluctance takes over

Silencing your emotions

A game of chess, with only one player

You’ve succumbed to apathy

My efforts fade, and so does our love

We’ve become strangers

I’m going to let you go

So you can find yourself

Because the woman I loved

Is nowhere to be found.


The dancing fumes from the burning tip

Lets me know that art exists

The pain from taking a long drag

Lets me know that I’m alive

The disgusted looks I get from passerbys

Lets me know that I’m not perfect

The inhaling of carcinogens

Puts my troubled mind at ease

The final ashes of the cigarette

Lets me know that nothing lasts forever.


Slowly, slowly we fall

Like a wilted leaf, like a lonely feather

We take our sweet time swaying in the wind

Until we meet our eventual doom

But that’s not what we’re concerned about

Instead of worrying, we dance

From side to side, living in the moment

Unafraid of what will happen

But we all fall anyway

So why worry about the imminent

When you can enjoy what doesn’t last

The moment, this moment

With you, and us

So do not be troubled

Relax, close your eyes, fall

And let’s fall together

Until we reach the ground

Another leaf falls

From this dying tree, as it prepares for the fall

Slowly, slowly we fall.


The crisp, summer wind caresses his face like a blanket

He can taste the salt water when it touches his feet

Tingles run through his body like a current, he can’t help it

Alone on the beach he is, quiet and discreet

Can’t help but think it would end this way

It’s not his fault anyway

He cries every single day

Knowing she’s not here to stay

When he was wrong, she made him right

Gave him motivation when he was tired

Stayed up with him through every night

But now she’s gone, their love has expired

No need for three, he only wants one wish

Forever these memories he wishes to cherish

He walks into the sea

Through nostalgic misery

One last look at the gloomy sun, for the future ahead

Too late for expectations, he’s already dead.